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Rehoming your Senior Pet

Old Dogs New Digs can assist you when rehoming your senior dog (or cat!) becomes necessary.  We network on your behalf, through social media, Petfinder, and our contacts.  Patience and communication are key as it takes time to find the right home (and a lot of back and forth!).  We work closely with you to ensure the new home is a good match.  Please note that, unfortunately, Old Dogs New Digs does not have the resources to assist in rehoming dogs who have complicated behavioral issues, aggressiveness or bite histories.  If you’re not sure, you can still reach out and we will let you know if we are able to help on a case by case basis.

 Things we’ll need from you –
  1. Information about your dog or cat.
  2. Current health records, including rabies and distemper vaccinations as well as a [negative] heartworm test.
  3. Photos of your pet.

Once we have a prospective new owner, we’ll connect you so that you may decide whether you’d like to proceed with the rehoming.  An ODND volunteer will complete a vet reference check and home visit unless you’d prefer to do that yourself.

If partnering with us through the above process is not possible, we may be able to help by contacting one of our shelter partners (please note this option is only available to Maine residents).  The shelter might be able to take ownership of your dog, and if so, we’d try to find a suitable foster home so your dog doesn’t need to spend much time at the shelter.   For Colorado residents, dogs remain in the current home during the rehoming process.

Please review the FAQ below to make sure we’re the right for you.  If so, please email with the subject line “Rehome Inquiry” for more information or to start the process. Please be sure to check your SPAM folder for our reply — our emails sometimes end up there!  

Rehoming FAQ

We help owners who need to rehome their dog or cat and are able to keep them until a new home is found.

In essence—networking! Owners fill out a networking form after speaking with one of our volunteers. They also provide photos, videos, and up to date vet records. Then we post their pet on facebook and petfinder. As inquiries and applications come in these are forwarded to the owner to review. Once the owner decides someone may be a good fit we continue to help by obtaining vet references, personal references, and home visits to help the owner decide if this is the right fit for their pet.

Generally speaking the owner is responsible for ensuring their pet is appropriately up to date on vaccines and vet care. This is not only because vaccines such as rabies are a requirement but also to help with finalizing an adoption. Most adopters are expecting to adopt a dog who is up to date on medical care—or at least know exactly what medical care they are going to be taking on.

All decisions are up to the owner. We facilitate the connection and provide the assurance about the suitability of the home but do not make any decisions. Though we will share our opinion if needed!

There is no timeline. Sometimes we get lucky and we find the right home very quickly. Other times it takes months. This is especially true of animals that need to be only pets.

There are times where a partner shelter (in Maine only!) is willing to take ownership of a pet to rehome them. However this is not something we can always make happen and it often depends on available foster homes and shelters. At this time we are not able to offer this at all in Colorado.

No we can not help with immediate placement situations. Everything we are able to do takes time.

Old Dogs New Digs does not take ownership of animals in Maine. All of the animals we help are from shelters/rescues or private owners. This means that the owner needs to be able to maintain ownership until a new home is found or a shelter needs to be able to take ownership; this is usually dependent on an appropriate foster home being available.

Animals that have certain behavioral histories or significant bite histories are not appropriate for our program. We are always happy to talk to you if you’re not sure your pet would be appropriate.

More often than not in our owner rehome program we are not able to help rehome these animals. But we are happy to talk about your specific situation to see if it may be a fit if you’re not sure.

Depending on the situation we may be able to make suggestions about other places to reach out to such as breed specific rescues.

We do not offer safe-keep at this time as we do not take ownership of animals.