Thank you for visiting our Foster page!  Please complete the Foster Survey if you are interested in becoming an approved foster home.  We appreciate your time and efforts!

Our biggest need is to find homes for dogs that have specific requirements (such as being the only animal, bonded pairs, dogs with medical needs and hospice dogs).  Below are some of the dogs currently looking for foster.  We have also listed some senior cats in need of a home in case you may be a good match for one of them!

Foster Homes Needed!

Big Ben is a 10 1/2 year old bull dog mix with a goofy personality, and the cutest face you’ll ever see. He LOVES his people, and all of the folks who know him at the shelter say that he is such a character and they adore him.
Big Ben is house trained and can be left home alone with no issues. He is quite strong and can pull on on leash when he sees other animals, so he will need an owner who is strong and savvy. He also needs a home where he can be the one and only furry family member.
Big Ben is neutered and up to date on all of his vet care. He is pretty healthy for a large breed dog his age, but does have some arthritis and is currently on a pain medication called carprophen which helps him feel more comfortable.