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Our biggest need is to find homes for dogs that have specific requirements (such as being the only animal, bonded pairs, dogs with medical needs and hospice dogs).  Below are some of the dogs currently looking for foster…can you help?

Foster Homes Needed!

Mikka is a gorgeous, highly intelligent 8-year old black shepherd looking for a special home. Mikka did not receive adequate socialization in his previous life, so he is now learning what is expected of him. Given the time to learn and observe, Mikka is blossoming. He is slowly getting used to having more freedom than he has been used to, and is enjoying the gradual approach. He is making new human friends at the shelter and is ready to be in a home. Although initially fearful/anxious, Mikka appears to be able to quickly form positive relationships with familiar and unfamiliar people with proper introductions. Mikka is a large dog and has hyperextension in both front and back legs. His new home will ideally provide soft bedding and keep his weight on the lower side due to arthritis. He will need a dog saavy and patient family, ideally with German Shepherd experience, to be successful. In particular, his family needs to be willing and able to establish routines, and keep a keen eye on how Mikka responds to everything in life.

Mikka doesn’t enjoy car rides. His activity level is low to moderate. He is sweet, sensitive, curious, and he is learning to be silly. He is enjoying learning about clicker training.

Mikka was assessed by a behavioral veterinarian, who provided these recommendations:
• Quiet, adult only home
• Slow, gradual introductions with new people and environments. It will be important to give Mikka time needed when acclimating in a new environment and towards new people.
• Other animals possible although caution and slow introductions are needed. He doesn’t have a lot of experience with other dogs, so for now at least, he needs to be the only dog in a home. We are unsure about cats.
• Positive reinforcement training for clear communication and behavior modification

We believe that Mikka will be a spectacular companion, given the right home and circumstances.

Big Ben is a 10 1/2 year old bull dog mix with a goofy personality, and the cutest face you’ll ever see. He LOVES his people, and all of the folks who know him at the shelter say that he is such a character and they adore him.
Big Ben is house trained and can be left home alone with no issues. He is quite strong and can pull on on leash when he sees other animals, so he will need an owner who is strong and savvy. He also needs a home where he can be the one and only furry family member.
Big Ben is neutered and up to date on all of his vet care. He is pretty healthy for a large breed dog his age, but does have some arthritis and is currently on a pain medication called carprophen which helps him feel more comfortable.