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Community Assistance Program

Old Dogs New Digs is expanding our mission, from not only finding homes for senior dogs and cats, to helping senior dogs and cats stay in their current homes. We understand that senior animals may have health issues and expenses that come unexpectedly. Often their owners are on a fixed income. Falling on hard times and facing financial hardship can directly impact one’s ability to provide unexpected veterinary costs.

Serving both Maine and Colorado, Old Dogs New Digs wants to help people in desperate need of financial assistance with the healthcare of their pets.

Old Dogs New Digs will contribute financial aid directly to the approved applicant’s >veterinarian to help pay for procedures, hospitalization, medication, veterinary follow-ups, and emergency animal services to realize the owner’s pet’s full recovery.

Old Dogs New Digs wants all pets to have a long, happy, and healthy life!  Following is the criteria for acceptance. We look forward to speaking with you further about what Old Dogs New Digs can offer.

Criteria For Acceptance

Submission Requirements:  Complete the online Community Assistance Application and email copies of the following documents to 1) a copy of a valid ID; 2) proof of either Maine or Colorado residency; 3) a surgery estimate from your vet as well as the surgery date (if applicable) .  You may also contact us for a printable PDF version of the application if needed. 

  1. Old Dogs New Digs does NOT cover:

    • Preventative costs, including spaying and neutering
    • Initial medical examinations, procedures, medications, and vaccinations for new pets to the home
    • Annual routine examinations by a veterinarian
    • Over-the-counter animal healthcare products
    • Animal insurance

2. Old Dogs New Digs board members who receive a request for help can be approved up to $500 in emergencies without board approval.

3. Old Dogs New Digs will pay up to $500 per year from the last time the animal was helped. Exceptions may occur, but require board approval.

4. Old Dogs New Digs will verify all treatment and costs with the attending veterinarians. Payment will ONLY be made to the veterinarian or animal hospital administering care to that specific animal on a particular date/time.

5. Old Dogs New Digs requires receipts of all expenses paid from the attending veterinarian or animal hospital. The client’s due diligence ensures the attending veterinarian or animal hospital forward a copy of these expenses to Old Dogs New Digs.

6. If for any reason Old Dogs New Digs cannot assist the person or animal in need, a selection of foundations will be provided that may be more suitable to their needs.