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The Story of Old Dogs New DIgs: “Tail” #4

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ODND goes to Colorado!         

Three years ago, after many years together in Maine, Mandy and her family decided it was time to move to Colorado. The family was following an excellent career opportunity for Mandy’s husband and returning to his childhood home state. While it was difficult to leave their home, and the home base of ODND with all of its wonderful friends & animals, it was the right decision for their family. Mandy figured there must be a need for help with senior dogs in Colorado as well and so, as soon as they were settled, she began doing the same kind of outreach to shelters and organizations in Colorado that had helped get ODND off the ground in Maine.         

Mandy was right and it worked! She continued outreach and began volunteering at various animal shelters to help build a connection with them and she began fostering for these shelters as well. ODND now works with at least five Colorado shelters and rescues, as well as help with owner-to-owner adoptions, and we have a growing network of volunteers and fosters homes in Colorado as well!