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The Story of Old Dogs New Digs: “Tail” #2

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Through her outreach, Mandy assembled a group of friends and acquaintances she had met through her work with animals. This group of people shared a passion for helping senior dogs. For several months, the group held meetings and brainstorming sessions in the homes of various group members and, eventually, we came to a basic agreement for who we wanted to be and what we wanted to accomplish.

Out of our group of volunteers, we selected a board and the process of incorporation began. With the help of Mandy’s two daughters we brainstormed names, the group favorite became our name, Old Dogs New Digs. With a board, a name, by-laws and a mission, and a willing group of volunteers…… a 501(c)(3) is born!

The Old Dogs New Digs Mission Statement is “Advocating for senior dogs in need.”

This Mission is intended to allow ODND to provide support for senior dogs in many ways. Through this, we also support the families and communities these dogs call home. While ODND does not take ownership of dogs, we do help in the following ways: we provide a network for shelters and rescues by finding foster or adoptive homes, screening these homes, being a liaison between foster homes & shelters, and transporting animals & supplies to foster & adoptive homes; we have a large network of ODND foster homes & provide continued support to fosters who take in a dog we are helping; we provide on-going support for adopters of special-needs dogs & hospice dogs; we raise funds so we can help dogs get the food, supplies, vetting, and medicine they need whether they are in shelters, rescues, foster homes, or with their owners who are members of our communities; we support veterinarians who find themselves in a position to advocate or take ownership of a senior dog in their care.

Our Mission is broad which allows us to continue to grow and evolve. We do not take fees for the adoptions we support, but instead rely solely on donations. Our hope is that we can show compassion to the humans we work with along the way while helping to place as many senior animals as we can.

Tyson, ODND’s first official dog.
Kaiya, survived a household fire and was fostered and adopted by ODND foster Anita.
Natasha & Boris, one of our first senior bonded pairs.