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Help for Buddy

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Buddy is a happy, affectionate and spunky dog who needs help. Buddy was born with a neurological condition, probably cerebellar hypoplasia, which has caused the underdevelopment of his back end. Though he is not old by any stretch (he is just under 2 years old), he is a special case that Old Dogs New Digs is supporting!!

One of our awesome Maine foster moms, Casey, has been taking Buddy to weekly rehab appointments. The goal is to improve his posture, strength, stability, mobility and comfort level. Casey does exercises with Buddy during the week.

The veterinarian at the rehab facility has recommended that we purchase a custom-made quad cart for Buddy. This will allow Buddy to go for longer walks, and help to prevent injuries. While costly, we believe this is what Buddy needs to live his best life. He will also need more rehab sessions to learn how to use the cart safely. In addition, at the suggestion of the veterinarian, we would like to purchase a device called an Assisi Loop for our boy. It is thought to help with inflammation, and Casey thinks it is helping with Buddy’s stability.

  • Rehab Consultation $152
  • 6 Rehab sessions $365
  • Quad Cart $855
  • Head Rest $ 86
  • Shipping $ 35
  • 6 Add. Rehab sessions $365
  • Assisi Loop $242

These costs are quickly adding up, so we are hoping that some of our fantastic supporters will lend Buddy a helping paw. Our goal is to raise $2,100 to give Buddy his cart, cover his past & upcoming rehab sessions, and buy him an Assisi Loop.

There’s one more thing that Buddy needs to live a happy, long life, and that’s a forever home! We are partnering with PAWS Brave Hearts to find a compassionate, special person or family to give and receive the exceptional love that Buddy needs and provides. Here is what Casey says:

“Buddy is a one of a kind boy. He is attentive and loves affection of all types! He is house trained and will let you know when he wants to go out – no crate needed, he is a gem in the house. He would really love to have a fur brother or sister. Other animals motivate and give him the daily spunk that he strives for. Buddy does well with kitties as long as they do not play too closely to his space.”

Currently, he has been able to walk around on hardwood floors using all four of his legs standing 50% of the time (very food motivated and has much more energy in the morning). The rest of the time he drags his hind legs. He has also been able to navigate one step to and from a porch. When this boy wants to do something, he is determined. For the most part as of now, he does need to be carried outside to go to the bathroom and an outdoor scenario of only a few steps would be ideal. He is looking forward to having a family of his own and would make an amazing addition to the right home!”

He has the most amazing positive attitude and outlook on life, and his positivity and love of life rub off on everyone around him. Buddy may benefit from other types of physical therapy in the future, but for now, his foster mom and her dogs are the ones who can convince him to practice walking and getting strong.

If you are interested in adopting Buddy, please fill out our adoption survey Secure donations can be made through PayPal. Thank you!!