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Foster Feature: Serenity (“Sammy”)

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Serenity is a happy gal who’s described by her foster mom, Anita, as sweet, smart, affectionate, and gentle. She came to Maine from Georgia in July of 2019, when she joined Anita as a foster. A Pit Bull/Boston Terrier mix of approximately 8 years old, Serenity (aka Sammy) has been dealt a tough hand in life when it comes to health. One of Sammy’s eyes was removed due to her glaucoma, we also believe that she may have suffered a head trauma at some point in her life. Sammy has the usual arthritis expected in older dogs, but her main medical concerns are her Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism.

Anita has been taking excellent care of Sammy, helping manage her condition by keeping up with her daily medications, medicinal Chinese herbs, and frequent visits to the vet. Anita has been monitoring Sammy and helping her through these needs including some recent, unexpected. appointments including treatment of pain/pressure in her good eye along with increasing blindness in that eye, as well as trips to the emergency vet for treatment of weakness and bowel loss of blood. While Sammy is feeling better, it is believed that these are connected to the progression of her Cushing’s and glaucoma. While managed, Cushing’s is a disease that cannot be cured.

Anita tells us that Sammy absolutely loves car rides, and likes to shower her human companions with affection and kisses, and that she expresses her pleasure with you in cute little grunts. Serenity has had some excellent potential adoption interest, but most has fallen through due to the cost of her medication. Recently, due to the progression of her blindness and Cushing’s, Anita made the difficult decision to stop looking for an adoptive home for Sammy. These two have a special bond so we know that Sammy is right where she wants to be and that Anita is happy to continue providing her care and companionship.