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old dogs new digs

The ODND Monthly Newsletter has our latest news and information!

Who are we?

Old Dogs New Digs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (all-volunteer) organization dedicated to helping homeless and displaced senior dogs and cats. We focus on getting senior animals into loving homes and raise funds to support their health and well-being. ODND partners with animal shelters, rescues, and vet clinics – mostly in Maine, Colorado, and New Mexico.  We assist with foster or forever home placement, make financial contributions toward vet care or special food/medications, and raise awareness about seniors in-need. We also assist those who have fallen on hard times, unable to afford quality food and medical care for their aging dog or cat.  You can learn more about our Community Assistance Program here.  We have a physical location (and volunteers) in Colorado but as the organization started in Maine, we have a strong volunteer presence there as well.

Do we have a shelter?

ODND is focused on getting senior dogs and cats out of a stressful shelter environment. We assist shelters and rescues with finding short- and long- term foster homes, as well as hospice homes for those who are at the end of their lives. We always welcome new foster home families to join the network so that each animal’s unique needs are more likely to be met! If you are interested in providing foster or hospice care, please complete the Foster Survey.  Once approved, you can let us know when you are interested in fostering a certain animal (our Facebook page is great place to look for opportunities!). Then, we’ll connect you with the shelter or rescue, and continue to offer assistance once the animal is in your home.

Upcoming Events

Check us out on the morning news, promoting “Dog Days” at the Elizabeth Hotel in Fort Collins, CO!

contact us

Questions about rehoming your senior pet?  Please check out our “Rehoming” page for more information.